About Wrestler

Remember that time when you had things to communicate but weren’t sure of the best way to do it? We inhale key messages and exhale characters, styles, scenes and symbolism that your audience won’t be able to resist.

Simply put; we make content that people actually want to watch, and we charge honestly for it.  We believe that in order to get your brand out there, we must first entertain, then we can educate. So if it’s a corporate video for your business, an ad to get you out there, an entire web-series, or an immersive virtual reality experience, we’re the people who can make it awesome. 



There are a few ways in which we work. Sometimes a client comes to us direct and has a product or service they want to make amazing. We then have a creative brainstorm and pitch a few ideas. Other times we work in with an agency who’s already started the creative, and wants some supplementary content. Whatever we do, we do our best to ensure a solid message holds true. Something that resonates with humans. Once we’ve signed off on the creative, we produce, shoot and edit the whole thing. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you like. Once we’re happy with it, we get your feedback and polish it up so it’s perfect, ready for distribution! It’s all very painless. You can come to us with as little or as much information as you like, we’re very good at getting the information we need to write the scripts that make your brand awesome.


We're also pretty in love with our studio, built by tomahawkmade.com