Our goal is to help people create amazing content, to do that you need amazing creative toys. We have said toys, and we want to help you have access to them. If you're a commercial project then we're going to charge you some money, if you're a creative project with a small budget, then we can cut you a deal. We're open to chat options. Really open.


Online Suite

  • Davinci ResolveResolve Mini Panel
  • Eizo Coloredge grading monitor
  • 55" 4K Panasonic monitor
  • 2 X 4K Dell monitors
  • Recording Booth
  • Genelec surround sound


  • 5.1 Genelec surround sound system
  • Genelec 7071A Active Subwoofer
  • Avid Protools
  • Avid S3
  • 100" cinema screen
  • 3000 lumen short throw ALPD laser projector


  • 60 square meter studio with natural light or black out
  • High speed robotic camera arm ('Mia' by Motorized Precision)
  • Xsens Motion capture suit


  • Kitchen
  • Meeting rooms
  • Function space
  • Workshop rooms
  • HTC Vive / Oculus / Magic Leap head sets
  • Secure 100TB local Raid server
  • 10 gigabit wired connection
  • Red Gemini
  • Other production equipment

Come in and see us

If you want to chat about a project then we're happy to catch up over a coffee, or a whisky.