Our focus is storytelling; communicating your message or brand across multiple platforms, mediums and touchpoints.

Whether it’s a social media campaign, a documentary series or a virtual reality experience, we’ll craft a unique story to drive engagement.



Everything we do is rooted in a strong strategic framework, developed through a methodology that has helped launch billion dollar brands like Allbirds and Lola.

Wrestler has creatively promoted New Zealand education on the global stage, and positioned Wellington as one of the world’s most creative and liveable cities.


Our work is centred around telling human centred stories. It’s our ‘not so secret’ secret sauce, and we generously pour it over everything we do.

We use commercial viability and unbounded creativity in equal measure to create work that stands out, connects with audiences and drives outcomes.


We have an in-house team of production specialists and a pool of world-class talent. We create content for any medium or platform, and pride ourselves on knowing how to craft stories for specific mediums.

It’s a model we’ve developed from scratch, relevant to today’s fragmented media landscape.


We can’t help but explore new technologies and storytelling mediums so have jumped head first into virtual and augmented realities.

Wrestler was named NZ’s most innovative company in VR and AR by Idealog in 2018. Whether it’s an activation, experience, game or training module you’re after, you can be sure we’ll create you something incredible.

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If you want to chat about a project then we're happy to catch up over a coffee, or a whisky.