It's hard to not feel positive about 2020. We've got some big plans that may include you...


It’s hard to not feel good about 2020. It rolls off the tongue, we can do all sorts of 2020 vision headlines, it looks good on the page. Maybe it’s just because I’m a neat freak, but I love it. Here at Wrestler we’re taking 2020 by the horns and aiming to do some pretty epic shit(s). 

2020, the year of:

Woman with surfboard on the beach at dusk

Values Forward Advertising

We’re going all in on values. Let’s face it, the world is fucked. If we don’t change, and demand others around us change, then we’re on the wrong side of history. We have a unique opportunity as advertisers to shift culture, create change and drive complex messages home in engaging ways. For this reason, Wrestler see it as our responsibility to use our powers for good and promote only positive messages or help businesses shift their practices so that they can tell stories about the great work they’re doing. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not perfect by any means. I drive a big ol diesel ute... but it’s about acknowledging that we need to turn this boat around and starting to do just that, bit by bit. It’s like going on a diet, it never works when you go cold turkey, you’ve got to create a new foundation of habits that become your new normal. That’s how you ensure success. We’ll keep you updated on what those habits are as we develop them. And to all the other advertisers out there, imagine if we all decided we would only promote businesses who are pushing the world forward, the world would actually change overnight. Let’s do this together! 2020 after all...

Wrestler the Creative Space

We’re going to be making some epic shit, not shits... We spent last year building a state of the art studio on Jessie St that has everything we need to create games, films, interactive experiences, shoot motion capture, do sound recording, grading, mixing and everything else you could imagine. Not only that but we’ve got our own little cinema! It’s truly an epic space. What’s even better is that we didn’t build it just for us. The idea is to have Wrestler as a creative hub for other people in Wellington doing epic work in all sorts of fields. We want this studio to be a little creative mecca in the heart of Wellington. We want it to become legendary, a place that pumps out vibrant and energised creatives who feel empowered to be themselves and tell the stories that are burning on their hearts. We want it to feel welcoming and inspiring and uplifting, and we need your help to do all of this. We want Wrestler to take on a life of it’s own and for everyone who’s involved in it to feel a sense of ownership and collaboration, to feel a sense of being part of something not only creative and exciting, but meaningful. So hit us up if you have a project you think we can help you with, at any scale or stage.

Original Content and IP

We’re creating our own content. Last year we low key started another business, Wrestler Studios. The aim of this business is to create our own content that has our values at its core. We’re kicking off with Frame Season Two, a documentary series shining a light on some of NZ’s social issues that mainstream media tends to shy away from. We’ve then got a tv show we’re developing, a few interactive experiences and something even bigger that we can’t talk about yet. It’s all very exciting stuff. We’re also looking to partner with creatives who need some help getting their project off the ground. Whether that’s with facilities as mentioned above or as producers etc, we’re open to opportunities and keen to create original content that like our commercial work is helping push the collective consciousness forward. 

That should keep us pretty busy I think. Please reach out to us if you want to make some magic together. Not just film or gaming, but anything creative, we want to help. I truly hope you have an incredible year and let’s ride this positive 2020 vibe right into 2021. 

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