Our creative insight is what sets Wrestler apart. We take a human centred approach to storytelling, which simply means, we make content that humans can relate too. This sounds pretty obvious, but it's this approach that makes our work resonate with audience and leave a lasting impression. In this age of media over saturation, it's crucial that you connect with your audiences on a personal emotive level. Think it's a load of bollocks? Watch our work and we think you'll soon agree, there's something refreshing in there, something human. Want to test us out? Send us a brief and see what we can cook up for you.




Tourism marketing can be pretty challenging. How many times can you tell people we've got great coffee and craft beer. Wrestler searched a little deeper to discover what makes Wellington truly special. Our insight was that in Wellington, you get to be your true self. It's a city that embraces diversity, expression and allows people the freedom to explore who they want to be.  

Allbirds launch video

Launching a New Zealand product into an American market can be a challenge. Our comedy can sometimes go a miss and our unique Kiwi sentiment is hard to convey. Luckily for us, Allbirds oozes quintessential kiwi, and working with them was a huge amount of fun. We wanted to keep it simple, to align with the product itself, so a simple shoot with a well crafted script was all we needed. After launch, Allbirds sold more shoes in nine months than they had dreamed of selling in two years. Since this video we've contunued to tell the authentic Allbirds story with huge success both in New Zealand and the US.


Encouraging your audience to send parcels sooner rather than later is not the most enlightening of topics. That's until Wrestler steps in and throws out the suggestion, what about we turn it into a rap. Our character Kevin, from our NZ POST series SHOTSOP, happens to rap on the side, and one of our editors makes beats in his spare time. Not to mention the fact that our Co-founder used to have a parody rap duo and the director of this clip was the other half in said duo. We wrote, recorded and shot the whole thing in house. Not bad for a Tuesday.



A comedy series about a small creative advertising firm staffed by three hapless but genuine marketing wannabes. For anyone who has ever had an irritating boss, an impossible client, a production disaster, a blundered pitch, a work-related ethical dilemma or a drink too many at the company Christmas function.

Wrestler worked with friends and business partners to bring this series to life. Written and directed by Judah Finnigan and produced by the ever impressive Olivia Shanks. Shot by none other than Matt Henley and audio recorded by the wonderful Joel Ascombe-Smith. Edited by Judah Finnigan and Ben Forman.


With this third instalment of her series ‘A Woman’s Guide to the World’, Apolla Echino will continue to show how powerful travel can be as a way to gain confidence, push your personal limits, and live a more meaningful life. With her great curiosity as an adventurer and passion for surfing, Apolla is driven to inspire more women to be bold and follow their dreams. With the viewer as her close companion, she will show how by leaving the comforts of home and relationships, and by venturing off the beaten path, you can find your voice, shape your world view, and ultimately, transform your life. 

*This project is not for profit. All music rights belong to the artists.


Wrestler partnered up with The Spinoff to create a series of medium-form documentaries on social issues.