Education New Zealand asked Wrestler to come up with a social campaign that would work in multiple continents, for multiple audiences, driving sign up to their student data base. Speaking to so many different demographics and psychographics was a challenge. After putting our heads together, we were able to come up with a content strategy that utilised sequential retargeting to do just that. We created several layers of content that viewers would be delivered based on specific geographic targeting and then sequential retargeting based on engagement. We did this by creating two versions of the hero video, one for 'adventurers' and one for'future makers' (ENZ's personas). We then created 6 alternative endings that featured characters relevant to that geography and after that, delivered them vignettes with more rational, to hit home the messaging.





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To top it all off, we wanted to show that the talent we used in these videos were the real deal. Audiences love authenticity, and what better way than to use real stories. In order to help us script the videos, we reached out to students studying in New Zealand to hear from them about what their WOW moment in NZ had been. From those chosen, we casted a few for the video itself, and then chucked together this nice little thank you video, that we posted to ENZ's social channels after the videos had been in market for a period. It went down a real treat.