Challenge: Wrestler was asked to create video content to increase awareness of New Zealand as an education destination specifically for social media. Tasked to inspire, motivate, excite, be fun and adventurous and ultimately — increase consideration.

As ENZ (at that time) had a very structured content calendar that was focussed on brand messaging weighted to more rational themes, the team wanted this content to capture the audience’s attention and emotionally engage them.

Within the challenge of a ‘completely open brief’ — ENZ also had a complex matrix of target markets (diverse international locations with hot competition) and 2 key personas to appeal to: future makers and adventurers.

Creative Nugget: Recreate real students ‘wow moments’ from their time in NZ that changed their life forever.

Content Strategy: Wrestler pitched a modular creative concept of ‘Think Wow’ (a twist on the ENZ strap-line, Think New).

First we used ENZ’s social channel and asked students what their ‘Wow’ moment in NZ had been so far, and took a short list to create authentic ~00:03” vignettes of these activities (featuring the student who made the original Facebook post where possible).

We then shot multiple end set-ups to create relevant content for the market it was going into; the end scene for the European market had a European person as talent. The Indian version, an Indian person. The Japanese version, a Japanese person etc etc.

Overall, this meant ENZ had huge flexibility to create 12 final edits (plus thematic cut downs) that were targeted and relevant to their audience. This content became the top of funnel awareness generator to which remarketing activity could be generated, and the business goal of acquiring new email addresses for their nurture programme could be achieved.

Output: Creative Strategy, Global Distribution Strategy, Creative, Production, 2 X hero edits for different psychographics, 6 X unique end sequences for geographically targeted calls to action.