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Web3 / NFT Community Builder

Soul Æther

Soul Æther is a Web3 young adult sci-fantasy world that spans NFTs, animated series, games, metaverse experiences and more. A new breed of entertainment medium, built for the emerging worlds of technology and storytelling, backed by Blackbird Ventures and x Disney COO, Tom Staggs.

Our story follows a small group of alchemists, balancing the forces of two hidden cabals, science and magic, who are locked in an eternal cold war. The alchemist's secret; they have harnessed the power of everlasting life through reincarnation. 

The Role

We believe the core DNA of any Web3 project is community. You will be building the Soul Æther community from the ground up, and be responsible for creating momentum to help bring the Soul Æther vision to life. We are in it for the long-haul, and we want a community that will go on that journey with us. In this role, you will operate semi-autonomously, while working with community experts in Web3, and with a highly experienced founding team. You will be strategic and very hands on.

This role will include, but is not limited too: 

  • Building our Soul Æther community from the ground up
  • Actively participating in and nurturing the community
  • Setting up and running our Discord,Twitter, and other channels to build our community
  • Working closely and collaboratively with our team and partners
  • Adding to the depth of the world by engaging with its audience through roleplaying
  • Ensuring our community is diverse and eclectic; true fans, not just crypto bros  


We’re looking for someone who is: 

  • Well experienced in building and growing communities
  • A clear communicator
  • Proficient in community management on Discord and Twitter
  • Has a knack for storytelling
  • Thrives working in a diverse team
  • Understands and is engaged in the world of NFTs
  • Loves sci-fi and fantasy, and the young adult genre
  • Loves building communities that are rich and diverse
  • Is excited about the potential in Web3
  • Has a passion for seeking out new ways of working and adapting to new trends   


6 month contract (with high potential for renewal)

Does this role excite you? Send us your CV, and a short paragraph why you think this role is made for you. Also include your key handles (Twitter, Discord, TG) and any communities/DAOs you are active in. Email all of that to

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