what do we actually do?

Glad you asked. At the heart of it, we're storytellers. We believe that in todays media cluttered world, it's a good story that will cut through. something that creates a connection with your audience, something that will last. We could pump out a shit tonne of pretty pictures, but unless you create a lasting impression, then what's the point? You're forgotten about two seconds later. The way we do this is by focussing on human truths. Watch our content and there's something about it that just connects. It's our secret sauce. We put it in everything we do, and it makes out content sing.

Practically speaking, this is what we do:

Strategy :: Want your brand to stand out? Have a product you want to sell? Think you have a story to tell but not sure how? Well we do, and we can help you work out what your story is, how you should best tell it and where it needs to go. 

Creative :: Coming up with great ways to express your brand and tell your story. This is where we add the secret sauce... Closed kitchen sorry. 

Production :: Turning these whizz bang ideas into gold is where we started. We come from a production background and love getting stuck in with our van load of gear. We've got everything you could dream of gear wise and everyone you could dream of. From online video to TVC's to film and Television, we've played in it all with tremendous success.

Digital :: When we dove into the world of virtual and augmented reality, we unwittingly stepped into the dark dark world of developers. Now we have a whole team of the critters, conjuring up all sorts of digital wonderment. The pipeline may have changed but the methodology and approach remains the same; tell a great human centred story. Guess what, it works!