NZ POST - social


Wrestler is supporting NZ Post to put them in a more effective, proactive position, and creating quality video content that helps them meet their social objectives. We have created 2 layers of video content that delivers on 2 separate objectives; this case study focusses on the ‘SHOTSOP’ series (Super Helpful Opportunities To Show Our Passion’). SHOTSOP is a serial video concept that allows NZ Post to demystify the ‘why’ (and ‘why nots’) of sending mail in NZ, and own some of the company’s strengths, and weaknesses with a bit of humour. Additional to that we have a layer of reactive content, which is bite sized pieces of time relevant social content.



Compelling high level results:

  • High engagement and viewership, with 30% of viewers watching through to the end of the video (>95% duration for audience of 92,000 viewers).

  • Minimal negative commentary and feedback — only 2 ‘angry’ responses through total audience of 330,000 viewers.



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