THE CHALLENGE: NZ Post came to Wrestler with multiple negative issues manifesting within their social media presence.

They had a sense they were losing control of the (very public) conversation for multiple reasons:

• A steady, often fierce, influx of complaints that drowned out their own voice and attempts at social communication.

• Couldn’t shake the baggage of being a behemoth of the old NZ business scene, not known for being digitally savvy, or particularly ‘social’ as a brand.

• A general lack of quality in images, engagement, writing, and strategic direction — most efforts were reactive responses, or ‘calendar based’ posting (eg: stock photograph of red roses on Valentines Day).

Overall, NZ Post was being beaten up on Facebook and had no plan on how to turn the tide from haters, into fans.  

THE CONTENT STRATEGY: Wrestler provided NZ Post with a content strategy that would help to reset the perception, both within the marketing teams at NZ Post, and their audience receiving NZ Post social content.

At the core of this content strategy was to position the NZ Post brand as a broadcaster, and far more than an announcement service for new products, or a complaints channel for delayed deliveries.

Within the content strategy, Wrestler pitched producing several dynamic and highly watchable series that would stand on their own merits as social entertainment, as well as provide a Trojan Horse vehicle to deliver key NZ Post business messages.

These episodes could act as myth busters, character portraits, fun educational pieces about how things work at Post, or to highlight staff culture and assist in recruitment.

First and foremost, they were quality pieces of social entertainment, brought to you by NZ Post.



The Content



Shotsop stands for Super Helpful Opportunities To Show Our Passion. A series exploring customer complaints and addressing them head on, through a loveable character called Kevin.



A unique spin on key moments in the NZ calendar that Post has an important role to play within.


A series where we celebrate NZ Post staff and their work and role in the wider community.