We’re creating original content that we believe helps push the collective consciousness forward. We work across film, documentary, web-series, virtual reality and augmented reality.



Frame is a documentary series shining a light on social issues within NZ that main stream media tends to shy away from. Funded by NZ on Air and partnered with The Spinoff.

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Empower your inner feminine through dancing with goddesses.  A world first virtual reality game that pairs mental and physical health techniques with cutting edge technology. Development funding by the NZ Film Commission and in partnership with Loren Taylor.



Exploring indigenous storytelling through virtual reality we discover ancient cultural myths and legends of the Ngati Awa Iwi of Whakatane through their Marae, Mataatua.

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A trans-media world in which kids get to explore native animals and plants like never before. From a conventional kids TV show to Interactive 360 experiences to virtual reality experiences, augmented realty games and even geo-located augmented reality experiences. This is the future of story worlds.



A hapless ad agency doing their best to get ahead; tackling briefs, keeping confidence and fighting for survival.

Directed by Judah Finnigan and Produced by Olivia Shanks.

Made for shits and gigs.

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