A Wrestler Studios original, Self Help is an eight-part online series that comically explores how to be a better being.

The show follows Nikau as he struggles to find healing, growth and self acceptance in the wake of a devastating breakup. Each mini-episode delves into a new practice or program in Nikau’s sometimes-reluctant journey of personal, spiritual, physical and psychological self-improvement.

The world of Self Help is full of humour and pathos, warmth and humanity, surrealism and ennui — expertly crafted by writers and co-creators Kris Hermansson and Grace Palmer, and directed by Michelle Ang and Rawiri Jobe. 

Wrestler produced the original series with funding assistance from New Zealand on Air. 

Self Help reflects the hardwired need in all of us to believe in some kind of magic and wonder, even in our technologically connected world.

Watch the whole series here

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