One of the few silver linings of COVID-19 is the rate at which New Zealand businesses switched to digital — we worked with MBIE to tell digital success stories and encourage other businesses to follow suit.

We travelled around Aotearoa and filmed 68 videos over two series of Digital Boost, talking to 24 businesses who made the leap to digital. The challenge was clear: help other small and medium businesses find and apply the right digital approach for them.

Focusing on real people with real challenges meant small business owners and operators had faith in the tips, tricks, and recommendations shared throughout the series. After focusing on individual stories in series one, in round two we paired up business owners so people new to digital tools could learn from those further along the journey. This helped us show the accessibility and transformative potential of going digital. Promotional snippets of the series have had more than seven million views so far, prompting 77,500 visits to the Digital Boost web content pages. 


Shoot days - 20

Days on the road - 24

Hours of footage - 52.5

Data - 14.9TB

GFX - 56 Shots

Edit days - 146.5

Deliverables - 68 videos

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment Client

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