One of the silver linings of Covid is the rate at which New Zealand businesses switched to digital. We went around the country talking to businesses who made the leap, and got some tricks on how others could take their business online. Here are a few of the case studies.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment wanted to increase awareness of the benefits of ‘going digital’ to build resilience in small businesses. Our approach was underpinned by a tried and tested principle — that people learn best by example. From the single-minded proposition that ‘business is better connected’ we developed energising examples of how small businesses have found easier, more beneficial ways of doing what they do, supported by the use of digital tools, resources, and tech. 


We created a suite of engaging, informative, high quality real-life stories. Each story demonstrates why and how a particular digital practice can make a small business better. Case studies resonated with our audience because of small business owners’ appetite for learning from peers who face similar barriers and experiences.


We produced 23 videos featuring 16 different businesses across the north and south islands of New Zealand. Keeping our production team small and nimble meant we could adapt around delays caused by Covid-19 restrictions and weather. A team of editors worked on each case study as it was filmed, while we continued shooting for the next story. This helped us deliver great quality without disrupting timelines.    


Shoot says - 20

Days on the road - 24

Hours of footage - 52.5

Data - 14.9TB

GFX - 56 Shots

Edit days - 146.5

Deliverables - 68 videos

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment Client

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