We recently went where no agency should ever go apparently; politics. It turns out it wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be, in fact it was an absolute pleasure. The work we did with the Greens to help creatively steer the direction of their election campaign and develop the campaign slogan, was a massive privilege for us to be involved in, whatever the outcome.

The idea behind the campaign was to shift Greens out of ‘Idealistic party’ territory and into the ‘legit and onto it party’ territory. To do this we came up with the line “Think Ahead” which when polled amongst the party and supporters had only a 6% negative response. That’s apparently unprecedented. Classic 2020. Along with the line, we positioned James Shaw and Marama Davidson firmly as the leaders of the party, with a strong and provocative call to ‘think ahead’.


We wanted to craft a campaign that showed the connection between people and planet, a series of mini vignettes that breath from the micro to the macro, underpinned with the confidence of James and Marama tackling the issues head on.


Shooting campaigns in the middle of winter isn't fun, especially when it decides to rain on shoot days. What's more green though right? The Green party are the first to admit their budgets aren't massive, so we had to be creative with how we shot this to make it feel slick and communicate the legitimacy we were after, but on a shoestring. We managed to pull it off!

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