Same-day delivery of toothpaste and garden gnomes is great and all. But there’s another global platform that could use some attention these days.

We helped Allbirds launch Keep The Amazon Prime, an Earth Day 2022 campaign to draw attention to the decimation of the Amazon rainforest.

The Earth’s largest rainforest is critical in the fight against climate change. And it’s disappearing.

The Amazon absorbs and stores immense amounts of carbon, which is being released into the atmosphere through rampant deforestation. This is bad news for our increasingly hot and dry planet. And worse news for the Indigenous peoples who call the rainforest home.

Allbirds looked to us for an Earth Day moment to help them turn a climate tipping point into a turning point. To help cut through and reach an audience fatigued by endless bad news, we bought a lighter Kiwi tone to the serious global issue and  created #KeepTheAmazonPrime - the ‘global e-commerce platform you CANNOT live without!’

A #KeepTheAmazonPrime mock infomercial drove audiences to a standalone website that motivated people to donate to Amazon Watch - a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the protection of millions of acres of rainforest in partnership with Indigenous peoples.

From the campaign’s launch on April 20 2022 until the end of the month, Allbirds matched all donations to Amazon Watch, up to a total of $50,000. 

You can donate here.

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