Mercedes had a new ute they wanted to show at Field days. However it wasn't built yet... What better way to break the laws of time than to take them into a virtual experience and see the ute up close and personal before it even exists.

We combined a 3D model of the vehicle with a photo-real 360 video of a south Canterbury sheep station and then created some 3D terrain in order to allow the user to move around a teleport in the space, creating the feeling as though you are really there. The vehicle was interactive, was various actions activating a voice over of the features and benefits of the vehicle. A sales pitch designed to perfection.


We wanted to put the ute in an inspiring setting and allow the user complete freedom to explore the vehicle. This meant combining actual South Canterbury sheep station footage with our 3D models. It also meant creating a series of interactions and easter eggs that kept the user engaged and entertained.

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