We played with surrealism and sensation in Shakti’s newest video — creatively positioning product and brand to show what the Shakti Mat does and why it’s great.

Shakti Mats were the first acupressure mat to really make a mark online. Now, with their competitors promoting less effective products with none of Shakti Mat’s ethics or customer focus, we teamed up to help their market understand the value of a Shakti Mat and ensure it stands out in a crowded space. 

We developed and produced a film that takes the sensations of a Shakti experience and depicts it through colour, surrealist projection and movement. This hero film and cutdown versions communicate the what, how, and why of a Shakti Mat, with a focus on the sensations and benefits the mat brings to people who use it. We also shot a set of impactful stills for social media and website use. 

Shakti Mat Client

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