Learning about our environmental impact on the planet can be scary and dull - perhaps the worst combo ever. Not if Wrestler has it's way with it!!

When Allbirds wanted to share how they track their carbon footprint in each of their products they came to Wrestler to help them tell the story. We struck on the idea of creating a playful infomercial with a nostalgic aesthetic and absurd graphics to cover key points but also entertain.


But that wasn’t enough, what we needed was a world class communicator with charisma to burn and an Academy Award to be the host of the video. What we needed was Bret McKenzie… So we asked Bret Mckenzie and he said: “Yeah, alright.” And that was kind of that.


We shot this bad boy on a green screen and had to be crafty around how Bret interacted with the invisible objects. Then we pulled it into post and went to town on the graphics. The whole piece was tied together by some sweet foley and sound. Twas quite fun to pull together. 

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