Youth Service asked us to create a series of real-life success stories to help with their new rebrand. If we’re honest the stories were so inspiring they did all the heavy-lifting, but we had the task of telling them in the most empowering and relatable way.

Our challenge for this project was to find the right balance between the optimism of the guidance and support Youth Service provide, with the rawness of the struggles faced by young people who might come through Youth Service doors. These stories need to act as a gateway to hope from challenging circumstances.


The angle we took was less about Youth Service saving the day, and more about how they supported and guided young people to find their own strength. Taking a first person perspective, we focussed on conveying the intensity, emotion, and inspirational moments of each young person’s story in their own words and voice. 


Building on the real and raw vibe, we used a documentary style and mixed-medium approach to bring the stories to life, combining high-production value with vintage film textures and street style photography. A youth-driven execution to feel fresh, familiar, and up close and personal.

Ministry of Social Development Client

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