Department of Conservation
September 2019
What we did
Raising awareness / Film

Raising awareness on the importance of biodiversity

2-minute DOC Biodiversity film

Helping DOC raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity for the protection of Aotearoa for generations to come.


When the Department of Conservation launched its Biodiversity strategy they came to us for a video that would help New Zealanders feel connected to nature and understand why biodiversity, and this strategy, is so important. How can we help fuel an emotive connection to nature and encourage people to help preserve our unique habitats, species and ecosystems?


To engage people from all walks of life, we focused our creative approach on the idea that nature underpins our identity as New Zealanders. Featuring a diverse range of Kiwis from all walks of life, the film highlights some of the indigenous animals and species that call Aotearoa home and highlights how we all have a role to play in protecting our environment to ensure it thrives for the generations to come. To capture the scale and grandeur of mother nature and feature stunning shots from mountain tops to ocean depths, we cut between new and existing footage in the 2-minute film to cover the broad range of content within budget.


The video was used by DOC on social media and played at community events to set the scene and inspire conversation around the biodiversity strategy.

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