Education New Zealand
August 2023
What we did
Brand building / Raising awareness / Documentary

Encouraging global connection and development through scholarships

Jose's Manaaki NZ Scholarship story

We developed a series of documentary-style videos to help ENZ connect students in developing countries with life changing scholarship opportunities.


The Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships Programme is delivered by Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade as part of the Government’s support for developing countries. These scholarships help to build prosperity, security and sustainable growth. Education New Zealand wanted to share scholar stories as a way to help potential applicants better understand the scholarship’s aims, impact and selection criteria.    


We developed a series of documentary-style videos to celebrate scholars’ hopes for the place they call home, and how these are being furthered through their Manaaki Scholarship. Each scholar shares their clear passion for learning with Aotearoa New Zealand and reflects on the spirit of manaaki.  


Our story-driven approach brings energy and relatability to the suite of resources used to promote Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships. Understanding the goals, interests, and insights of Manaaki scholars means anyone interested in applying can see the benefits and self-identify with the programme’s kaupapa.

Kay and Kimsan's Manaaki NZ Scholarship story
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Mid shot of a smiling man in front of a city beach scape.
Smiling older woman and younger woman in a kitchen baking
Older woman and younger man in front of a laptop learning.
Older man and younger woman in front of a laptop learning.
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