April 2021
What we did
Product promotion / Film

Offering a glimpse into the future of gaming

Hero demo film for Codename: Urban Legends

We helped the creators of Pokémon GO drive hype for its new multiplayer experience - Codename: Urban Legends.


Niantic, creators of Pokémon GO, called on Wrestler to help internally promote its new planet-scale AR project; Codename: Urban Legends, a multiplayer demo experience that offers a glimpse into the future of AR and 5G networks.


To demonstrate the multiplayer experience and offer a sneak preview of the game, we featured a family playing Codename: Urban Legends, weaving pre-existing game assets and actual game footage into the live action shoot. To ensure the demo film was relevant for our global audience, we picked specific locations in Wellington to emulate cities around the world.


The resulting 70-second demo trailer was used by Niantic to not only promote the game internally, but also to paint a picture of the possibilities of gaming with AR and 5G networks.

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