Education New Zealand
June 2019
What we did
Brand building / Raising awareness / Film / Social

Inspiring global students to make an impact with an NZ education

Soheil's hero film

We created a global campaign for ENZ that celebrates the stories of international students who are honing their future skills and forging new paths for themselves and the planet.


Education New Zealand came to us to create a global campaign to connect with international students wanting to create their own path and make an impact in the world through a New Zealand education. 


The desire to forge new paths is an inextricable part of the Kiwi spirit, and part of the spirit of a growing number of determined young international students looking for a better future for themselves and the world. With this insight, we created ‘New Futures Need New Paths’ - a creative framework that celebrated the stories of real international students who have come to New Zealand to maximize their potential and better contribute to a more sustainable, safe and secure global future.

In three hero films we meet: Soheil a renewable energy PHD student at the University of Wellington, Alexandra who is studying marine biology at the Auckland University of Technology, and Enzo a student at Massey University studying conservation biology. All leaders in their fields, each film shares the student’s story and why choosing to study in Aotearoa enabled them to forge a unique path and help solve some of the world’s biggest problems


Soheil, Alexandra and Enzo’s stories inspired international students around the world with each hero film supported with a range of cutdowns for use across brand channels and paid media.

Alexandra and Enzo's stories
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