The Green Party of Aotearoa
July 2023
What we did
Behaviour change, Raising awareness

The time is now for a big shift in politics

'Climate action' campaign video

Making Aotearoa a fairer society and restoring the natural world are aims we can get behind. For the Green Party’s 2023 election campaign we showed why ‘The Time is Now’ for bold action and more balance.


To maintain a strong presence in Parliament and the next government, the Green Party needed to sustain and grow its support. More Greens representation was essential to drive the political changes needed to make Aotearoa a fairer society, and protect and restore the natural world for people and planet. The Greens tasked us with creating a campaign that speaks to core and fence voters. People who care about the environment, climate action, and reducing inequality. Our work would need to emphasise the compelling reasons to make this choice — the Greens’ vision and capability, their track record, priorities, and change making abilities. And everything needed to speak loud and clear in the digital world, cutting through the background noise of social media.


Informed by research and workshopping with the Greens team, we developed a central organising idea to connect campaign storytelling and serve as the campaign tagline — The Time is Now. This reflects the current pressure on living costs and the cost of human choices on the environment being higher than many of us have seen in our lifetimes, and emphasises the importance of acting boldly and quickly to bring things into balance.

Our creative direction is fresh, authentic, and represents a wide range of life in Aotearoa. Footage came partly from a three-person Wrestler crew who travelled to different parts of New Zealand filming with a variety of people and organisations, and partly from the Greens’ archive. A visual style with clear identity ties powerful images together, supported by a specially-commissioned musical soundtrack. Layers of still images, video, and text build a visual world that feels active, imperturbable and gritty.

Rather than defaulting to one long hero video and various cut downs, we flipped the script. The heroes of this campaign are six 15-20 second videos that each focus on a Green party solution to a pressing issue. These build up into a longform 50-second video, and cut down into 6-second edits for a flexible and dynamic storytelling campaign.


The election in October will tell us a lot about the impact of this work. For now, we’re celebrating a successful suite of assets that each quickly tell a compelling story and push for a better future.  

Campaign videos
'People' campaign video
'Nature' campaign video
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