August 2021
What we did
Product promotion / Film

Helping a global giant sell real-world gaming

2-minute hero film

We created a cinematic trailer to bring real-world gaming to life and help Niantic offer a glimpse into the future of AR gaming.


Niantic, creators of Pokémon GO, needed something to help potential partners get excited about the future of AR gaming. Something that would be quickly and easily understood, offer a glimpse into the possibilities of real-world gaming and help give the Niantic sales team a boost of energy.


We created a cinematic 2-minute trailer that brought to life the future possibilities of gaming by bringing the excitement and feeling of real-world gaming into a real life context. Shot across a wide range of locations, we made Wellington look like a global city to ensure relevance for our global audience, and showed everyone from couples, families and even grandmas enjoying AR gaming, with pre-existing game assets and footage weaved into the live action shoot.


The film was used in presentations, sales meetings, conference openings and anywhere that Niantic needed to showcase the future potential of real-world gaming.

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