Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand
July 2020
What we did
Raising awareness / Behaviour change / Film

Helping The Green Party encourage Kiwis to ‘Think Ahead’

60 second hero video

This campaign saw us go where no agency apparently ever should; politics. But it was a massive privilege to help the Green Party develop their general election campaign and slogan - Think Ahead, and help support the amazing mahi they do.


Ahead of the General Election in October 2020, The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand asked us to help them inspire people to Party vote Green, and increase awareness and relevance of the party’s bold commitment to rewrite the rules and build a future fit for all of us.


To achieve this, we had to help shift the Greens out of ‘idealistic party’ territory and into ‘legit and onto it party’ territory. We did this by first developing the campaign tagline and idea ‘Think Ahead’, which - when polled amongst the party and supporters in pre-launch testing - had a 94% positive response. That’s apparently unprecedented (classic 2020).

With ‘Think Ahead’ as our creative backbone and provocative call to action, we crafted a wider campaign that centered on the connection between people and planet. We firmly positioned James Shaw and Marama Davidson as the leaders of the party, and addressed the issues they’re tackling head on in a 60-second hero film and a series of mini 15 and 6-second vignettes.


The campaign rolled out across the country in cinemas, on TV, in digital placements and via the Party’s own channels. The extremely positive response to ‘Think Ahead’ continued once the work was live, with it being a cohesive message and used by Green Party MPs, supporters and volunteers organically in their campaigning. Come election day, the party received a higher percentage of the vote from the previous election (7.9% up from 6.3%) and entered into a cooperation agreement with Labour.

15 second videos
6 second videos #nzgreens
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