October 2021
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Meet The Mizzles

30 second hero video

To introduce a new audience to Allbirds’ weather-resistant Wool Runner Mizzle, we celebrated the rain in a campaign that put our global audience right in the dry and cosy shoes of an urbanite in New York, Tokyo or London.


When Allbirds wanted to introduce new and existing fans to its Wool Runner Mizzle - the brand’s comfy, durable, and weather-resistant shoe, they came to us with a threefold challenge: how could we make miserable weather fun and sexy? How do we celebrate wool and dispel the stereotype that the material doesn’t perform well in the rain? And, how do we create a campaign in New Zealand that looks like home to our urban, Northern Hemisphere audience?


Working in collaboration with Allbirds, we created a campaign that showed even the heaviest of rain is no match for the Wool Runner Mizzle. A 30-second video shows our hero happily skipping out of their apartment into a thunderstorm, carefree in the knowledge their feet will stay dry and cosy in their Mizzles. We asked local New Zealand band, Hans Pucket, to cover the 1971 hit ‘Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again’ by The Fortunes, to add a hint of Kiwi-flavour to the global work.

Shot just two days after Wellington came out of lockdown, production was surprisingly complex with special effects used to create the storm, and a thoughtfully dressed set that turned a Wellington cityscape into an apartment that could be in New York or London. In addition we created video cutdowns and a photography campaign, with the images used across Allbirds marketing, and social and brand channels. 


The campaign went live across TV and digital in the USA, UK, The Netherlands & Germany, introducing a whole new audience to the Allbirds Mizzle and the joy of dry feet on even the wettest of days.

15 second video
10 second cut downs for social #allbirds
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Two stylish people wearing Allbirds stand on a ledge.
Close up on two pairs of Allbirds walking through the rain.
Close up on a pair of Allbirds walking through the rain.
Artistic shot of the bottom of an Allbirds shoe.
A stylish man wearing Allbirds walks along a ledge.
A pair of Allbirds runs past through the rain.
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