April 2022
What we did
Brand building / Raising awareness / Film / Social / OOH/Photography

Raising awareness for a New Zealand grown brand

30 second hero video

For Delivereasy’s first national campaign, we translated their unique standing, as a New Zealand-owned company that is better for restaurants, drivers and customers, into a multi-platform campaign that stands for fairness and community.


Delivereasy came to us with a challenge to help New Zealanders see the personal and collective value of choosing a meal delivery service by a NZ owned company. With a faceless Silicon Valley tech player attempting to monopolise this market, how could we help Delivereasy stand out and build a bigger following?


Taking the brand presence and value proposition of Delivereasy’s competitors into consideration, we came up with an organising creative idea that no one else can claim. Through ‘Bringing the neighbourhood flavour’, we emphasised Delivereasy’s belonging to the local hospitality scene — we’re not just drivers delivering food, we’re dedicated people carrying amazing tastes by passionate creators right to your door.

As an NZ owned company, Delivereasy gives more to restaurants and drivers so we integrated creative approaches throughout the campaign to show the audience they can rest easy when they choose Delivereasy, because this is an easy-to-use service run by people in Aotearoa who believe in fairness and community. We designed visual and verbal messaging that celebrates a shared love for food alongside a shared belief in doing right by people. ‘Bringing the neighbourhood flavour’ came to life in a huge suite of video, digital and static assets, which went live across the country in April 2022 with TV placements, posters, billboards, digital and social media, and Delievereasy’s website and app.


Delivereasy is now able to show their human side to the people they want to connect with, and clarify the individual and societal benefits of choosing them over other international providers. Mmmm, delicious!

6 and 15 second cut downs for social
15 second cut downs for social
Poster design of a man taking a pizza out of the oven.
Poster design of a man riding a motorbike off to deliver food.
Poster design of a woman enjoying a pizza.
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A young man feeling the vibe after delivering some food.
Young family enjoys their takeaways that has been delivered.
Young man smiles to camera while holding a pizza box.
Young man devours a bowl of noodles.
Group of friends enjoy their takeaways that have been delivered.
Young woman devours a bao bun.
Young girl devours pizza.
Delivereasy driver exits pizza restaurant holding an order.
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