Inland Revenue
October 2023
What we did
Behaviour change / Raising awareness / Product promotion / Documentary / Social

Real stories help Kiwis overseas to manage student loans

Two-minute hero video

Moving overseas can make it harder to keep tabs on a student loan. We highlighted two people’s real experiences to help Inland Revenue share how simple it is to manage loans from anywhere with myIR.


Student loan borrowers don’t always understand the long term implications and requirements of getting a loan, including what they need to do if they move away from New Zealand. Inland Revenue came to us for help raising awareness of how the myIR platform enables people to manage their student loan from anywhere in the world.


We designed a storytelling approach that reflects the experiences of two people who handled their loans differently when they moved overseas — one who knew how to manage their repayments and another who learned along the way. This meant we could connect with viewers who might not know the best way to manage their loan without making them feel judged or intimidated. A two-minute hero video and shorter cutdowns take our audience into the lives and careers of Florence and Jack. Tasteful and unconventional lighting, camera angles, and narrative flow bring extra energy and interest to their stories and tips.        


With these videos live across the organisation’s owned channels and paid media, Inland Revenue can effectively demonstrate the value of the myIR platform to people who can benefit from it. Understanding where this tool fits in people’s lives, adventures, and obligations means more student loan borrowers are likely to explore it for themselves.

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