September 2021
What we did
Brand building / Product promotion / Film

Recreating India in Wellington for a product film with heart

30-second hero film

We combined a heartfelt moment with key product features in a campaign to raise awareness of how easy OrbitRemit makes transferring money internationally.


OrbitRemit came to us to help raise brand awareness amongst people living in Australasia who are looking to send money to family or friends overseas — particularly to the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and China. How can we encourage sign-ups, build trust with our audience, and clearly demonstrate how fast and simple OrbitRemit makes transferring money internationally?


To meaningfully connect with our audience, we combined a narrative creative approach with a simple product demonstration so viewers could see themselves in the campaign and easily understand how OrbitRemit can help them. A hero film shows a woman transferring money to her parents in India and then enjoying a chai and sunset together via video call. Featuring a heartwarming scene relatable to any expat and a no dialogue approach, meant we could resonate and connect with a wide-ranging audience that was likely to have English as a second language.

In addition to the 30-second hero film, we created 15 and six-second cut downs for performance marketing and social media use, and a series of stills for print and digital outputs.


The campaign was targeted at expats in NZ and Australia, and ran across digital and social channels. Over the campaign period, the videos reached more than 220,000 people and resulted in over 2,200 new registrations to Orbit Remit.

Cut down film versions
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Young Indian girl sits on a log at the beach and looks at her phone.
Young Indian girl stands on a beach and looks at her phone.
Indian couple stand in their kitchen and happily look at their phone.
Indian couple sit in their dining room and wave at their computer screen.
Young Indian girl stands on a beach holding her phone and looks out to the sunset.
Young Indian girl stands on a beach and looks at a picture of her parents on her phone.
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