March 2023
What we did
Brand building / Line production / Film

Redefining retreats

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Born of a friendship with Aro Ha, we’ve partnered to redefine the concept of a wellbeing retreat — to experience the transformation of a world-class wellness retreat in the comfort of your home.


Aro Hā is a multi-award winning luxury retreat in Queenstown, Aotearoa. What would a transformative retreat experience look like if you were able to access it from home?


Pairing the film production capabilities of Wrestler with the wellness expertise of Aro Hā and their team of transformative movement, nutrition, mindfulness and insight teachers, we set out to capture the Realise Retreat experience.

Realise brings together ancient wisdom, research based practices, and modern technology. The guided 3-day experience is purchased online and retreat attendees are sent a full programme of morning to evening sessions. This includes over 19 hours of transformational audio and video, as well as a nourishing menu. Participants are guided through the journey from preparation before beginning the retreat, through to integrating their experience into daily life after Realise.

In addition to producing all the retreat and app content, we conceptualised the brand from start to finish, working with Aro Hā to create the brand identity, logo, website, stills and messaging.


The Realise programme went live in March 2023 and is available to experience now at

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