May 2021
What we did
Raising awareness / Film / Comedy

Rolling out the welcome mat entices Ozzies back to Wellington

30 second hero video

We rolled out the welcome mat in a humorous campaign to entice Australians to holiday in Wellington after Covid lockdown travel restrictions ended.


When borders reopened to Australia, WellingtonNZ needed to put New Zealand’s capital on the radar of millions of Australians seeking a getaway. With a huge national tourism push in Australia and competing against rival campaigns from across NZ, how could we cut through and convince our neighbours that Wellington is the place to visit?


After such a tumultuous year, our message to Australians didn’t need to be complicated. So while other tourism campaigns in the market focused on earnest messaging, we leaned into humour and a simple welcome message that came through via the humble door mat. In a 30-second film, Matt - Wellington’s self appointed ‘Chief Welcome Officer’, lays out welcome mats across the city, inviting viewers on a quick tour of some of Wellington’s most wonderful and diverse attractions.


The film and a series of 15 and 6-second versions rolled out in Australia across TV, online and social media placements. With our approach reaching over 8.5 million legends and hopefully bringing smiles to those who viewed the video more than 7 million times.

6 second videos
15 second mix #WellingtonNZ
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