Ministry of Education
October 2019
What we did
Behaviour change / Raising awareness / Film / Comedy

A playful and informative ‘how to adult’ series

'How to adult - managing money' hook video

We worked with MOE to develop video content to engage secondary school students and recent school leavers with helpful information on 'how to adult'. A playful series that both entertained and informed.


The Ministry of Education came to us for video content for ‘School Leavers’ Toolkit’ - a new online platform to help young people feel confident, supported, and prepared for life after school. How can we engage and inspire NZ secondary school students and recent school leavers with this potentially dull or heavy information?


Peers-talking-to-peers works so we put four young people front and centre of our 'how to adult’ creative approach. Five short videos see our talent in humorously relatable scenarios around managing money, getting a job, taking care of yourself, moving out of home and on tertiary education. These short 40-45 second videos use humour to hook our audience and drive interest in learning more practical info on these topics on the SLTK website.

This fresh, light and real tone also carried through to three longer films on budgeting, rights at work, and New Zealand’s governing system, with these 1-2 minute films serving to increase understanding and help make these complex topics more digestible.


The series lives on the School Leavers Toolkit website, helping provide New Zealand’s young people with practical skills and advice for finding their right path after leaving school.

'How to adult' hook and content videos
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