October 2022
What we did
Raising awareness / Film / Social

Showcasing Aotearoa’s best destination for a short break

'Little Bit' 30-second hero film

We show how a little bit of Wellington can make a big impact on New Zealanders, helping WellingtonNZ attract visitors to the country’s capital.


While borders slowly reopened to international visitors and the recovery of the tourism industry continued, WellingtonNZ came to us for help driving high-value visitation among New Zealanders. With 68% of Kiwis planning a domestic holiday in the next year, how could Wellington stand out from the many destinations vying for their attention? And how could we target summer travel with an idea that can also stretch into winter?


WellingtonNZ were clear about the need to highlight Wellington as the best place to visit for a short break. Wrestler came up with a central idea to support a short stay and share some of the spontaneous energy that makes a visit to the capital absolutely magic. Celebrating the minimal time and effort it takes to get big value from Wellington, we proposed a campaign video concept centred around the notion that a little bit of this place goes a long way, leaving visitors refreshed, surprised, and inspired. Designed to delight a key audience of 18-34 year old domestic travellers, the 30-second ‘Little bit’ hero video and cutdowns sing with vibrant colour, quick cuts, easy humour, and some of Wellington’s coolest offerings. 


The WellingtonNZ team were a little bit stoked with how this heartful video captured the hugely awesome nature of our small city for potential visitors. Video content from the campaign had more than 6.9 million impressions, outperforming previous campaign activity and helping even more people see why Wellington really is the best place for a short break. The ‘Little bit’ concept was also incorporated by WellingtonNZ in wider marketing material including posters, web articles and experience promotions.

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