November 2020
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Two product launches, two global campaigns, one epic shoot

Tree Dasher hero video

How do you simultaneously shoot two campaigns for two shoe launches, with each requiring very different creative and weather approaches? In Wellington spring! Introducing the Allbirds Tree Dasher & Wool Dasher Mizzle.


With two product launches back-to-back for its Dasher running shoe range, Allbirds came to us for help to create two campaigns. The new Tree Dasher is a running shoe for sunny days, while the Wool Dasher Mizzle is designed to repel water so is a great wet weather option. With tight deadlines and the best ROI for our client in mind, we decided to shoot these two very different campaigns simultaneously. How can we shoot one rainy campaign and one sunny one in just three days?


We shot both campaigns in our hometown, but with carefully crafted creative and cinematography to give it an international feel to work for our global audience. The Tree Dasher creative saw our talent running around Wellington's picturesque waterfront, while the Wool Dasher Mizzle spots had them running up some of the city’s infamous hilly steps.

When the weather gods wouldn’t quite play ball, we adapted a super agile production approach - switching on the cuff between the two shoots throughout the day. By using rain machines, an UBCO electric bike and other special equipment, we ensured that we could easily flex between the shoots and get what we needed to make each shoe shine.


We created a hero TVC, cutdowns and accompanying stills to launch both the Tree Dasher & Wool Dasher Mizzle, with each campaign running around the world on TV, digital and social placements in the USA, UK, and across Europe.

Wool Dasher Mizzle hero video
Social cutdowns
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Action shot of two men running
Close up of the white Allbirds Tree Dasher
Group of people walking wearing the Allbirds Tree Dasher shoes
Woman running in a city scene
Legs of two people running on a wet pavement
Close up of the Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles
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