April 2020
What we did
Product promotion / Film / Line Production / Photography

We All Win - launching the new Allbirds Dasher

Hero 30-second cinematic trailer

To launch the new Allbirds Dasher we showcased the journey from raw, natural materials to the ultimate final product.


We worked in partnership with NYC-based agency Mythology and Augusto to conceive and create a film that would highlight the beauty of the natural world, revealing the new Allbirds Dasher as a sustainable performance sneaker that flips category expectations.


Using a stop motion aesthetic, we brought to life the Dasher’s journey from raw, natural materials like sugarcane, eucalyptus bark and merino wool, to the final product - all while putting Allbirds’ values of people and planet front and centre.

The film combined live action and studio photography, where we generated close up shots of natural ingredients and fibres, textile sculptures, liquid reactions - even going so far as to recreate a sugarcane field in situ.

The shoot took us from our Wellington studio to New Zealand’s glorious Bethell's beach, where we filmed over 100 talent running in unison in an epic drone sequence that showcased the sweeping natural landscape - redefining the idea of performance through the lens of nature and sustainability.

A custom soundtrack accompanied the visuals, building from a calm, nature-inspired soundbed to an organic rhythmic beat - a refreshing change from the style of music that often accompanies performance videos.


The campaign, which included two versions of a 30-second cinematic trailer, 15 and 6-second cut downs and photography, was translated into five languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese) and ran across the globe.

Alternate 30-second cinematic trailer & cutdown selection
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Photographer sits high in the air to capture athletes wearing Allbirds running on beach.
Film crew huddles together to capture a large group of athletes in Allbirds running on a beach.
Photographer captures a group of athletes in Allbirds running on a beach.
Large group of athletes wearing Allbirds running on a beach.
Photographer captures photos of athletes wearing Allbirds.
Photographer and crew awaiting athletes to run past wearing Allbirds.
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