Entertainment and advertising are the most powerful influencers on Earth. Why not harness their power for Good by creating positive change that pushes the collective consciousness forward? We focus our energy on work that we believe helps make this World a better place. 

Wrestler is built on three core pillars: Values, Innovation, Creativity.



Inspirational, inclusive, impact.

Whether it’s inspiring people through work with positive intent, or nurturing a culture that celebrates diversity. Our values guide all that we do.


Boundary pushing narratives.

We are leaders in cross-platform storytelling leveraging emerging technologies to expand new mind-boggling narratives.


Originality with purpose.

Our creativity is defined by our audience allowing us to connect with infectious, joyful output which resonates with hearts and minds.

Come in and see us

If you want to chat about a project then we're happy to catch up over a coffee, or a whisky.