Advertising and entertainment are some of the most powerful influencers on Earth. Why not harness their power for good, by creating positive change that pushes the collective consciousness forward? We focus our energy on work that we believe helps make this World a better place. 

Wrestler is built around three core values: Planet, People, Creativity.



We care about environmental protection and sustainability. We plan our shoots to minimise any negative impact on the environment. Our team avoids single use plastics at every opportunity. We dig recycling, but not as much as we love reducing and reusing. We partner with other organisations committed to environmental protection. We’re always finding new ways to do better. We also sponsor Capital Kiwi, and casually sponsor other events and organisations focused on caring for our Earth. We look to work with clients who are doing their part in the fight against climate change. We acknowledge no ones perfect on this journey, but we must stand for a cleaner more sustainable way of life.


We care about equity for all people. We live this value through the working environment we have created, the relationships we build with clients, and how we hire and support our team. It also flows into the stories that we tell and how we tell them. We value equity by being selective about who we work with, and putting our all into the work we do for them. Our Diverse Pathways initiative is part of our commitment to a more equitable and diverse industry. It’s a paid internship programme aiming to foster upcoming talent from under-represented communities within the screen sector. 


We care about using creativity for good. Pairing the above values with a passion for thinking outside conventional norms helps us break free of traditional societal constructs and contribute to a better popular culture — geared towards helping foster a more equitable and prosperous society for all, that doesn't cost us the planet. Our creativity is part of what makes our work really, really good.

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