We've been playing around with Virtual reality for almost four years. Our Co-Founder, Kat Lintott was one of the first employees at globally recognised VR startup 8i, and Ben helped with early stage R&D. After years of research, Wrestler feels the market is ready and VR / AR is now primed to be the next big wave in communication. Our philosophy is what makes us unique in this space; We want to create experiences that make people better off in the real world. It's this connection between the real and the virtual that will enable us to create truly immersive and memorable experiences.




Wellington is known for being the creative tech capital of NZ, so what better way to show that then to turn the Wellington into the worlds first gamified virtual city experience. The interactive experiences spans a wonderful spectrum, from action-packed to sensory, from self-effacing to sacred. They include firing coffee shots at commuter zombies arriving at Wellington train station; standing on the seabed of Wellington harbour as awe-inspiring members of the region’s marine reserves swim by; enjoying dawn chorus amidst the lush native bush that surrounds the city; busking with local alt-funk heroes The Orchestra of Spheres on Wellington’s iconic Cuba street; observing Maori New Year, Matariki, accompanied by the sounds of local iwi on a spectacularly starry night; and witnessing the acrobatics locals love to perform at the diving platform on Wellington’s waterfront.

WIAL / singapore airlines

Wellington International Airport and Singapore Airlines wanted a way to celebrate the first birthday of Singapore Airlines Capital Express Service. What better than way than taking commuters on a virtual journey to some of the destinations Singapore Airlines flies too. Wrestler created a fully interactive virtual experiences that was took you to Singapore, London and Phuket. We used world first technology developed by DreamFlux to integrate 3D digital assets with real world 360 video footage, creating a realistic immersive experience. Not only that, but we worked with our partner Tomoahawk to design and build the physical activation experience, a custom rickshaw with a Singapore themed backdrop. 


DIA needed something to spark conversation at the D5 future of government conference in February 2018. They needed to create an experience that would not only tell the viewer about the future, but show them, through the medium as well as the message. VR was the perfect tool to explore what an abstracted view of the future could look like. The tech was the easy part. Coming up with the story and what NZ looks like in 50 years time was the challenge! We worked with specialists from various fields to get their interpretations, we ran working sessions with government agencies and we let our creatives truly get creative. The result is a gamified VR experience looking into what the future of government and citizenship could look like in NZ in 50 years time in regards to tax, voting, education and healthcare.


New Zealanders can now experience all the excitement and energy of what it’s like to be a musician performing in our national orchestra thanks to cutting-edge 360-degree virtual reality technology. Through a fully immersive VR experience of the 90-member orchestra performing at Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre. During the performance, the viewer can stand on the conductor’s podium next to NZSO Associate Conductor Hamish McKeich, or move at any time among the different sections of the orchestra, including first violins, cellos, horns and percussion, as they play. This interactive 360 VR experience is the one of the first in the world of an orchestra filmed in 360-degree video and sound and in five different camera positions.


Radar needed a way to make their Mercedes Ute stand out at Fieldays 2017. One problem, the ute wasn't in the country yet. Our solution was to create a fully volumetric experience of the ute (still in the final design phase) and launch it at Fieldays in Hamilton; allowing prospective buyers the opportunity to see the ute close up, and inspect it as if they were there with it in reality. The experience had a high level of interactivity, that included being able to open doors and lift the tray. Parts of the car could be activated to provide information about the ute when prompted; such as the wheel that highlighted as you walked near it —  by pulling the trigger the user would receive a word-for-word description as described by the Mercedes design team in Germany. To give it a kiwi context, we transported the viewer to a South Canterbury mountaintop, at sunset of course. The resulting experience is a truly beautiful sales tool that Mercedes is now touring the country with through it’s dealer network.




A girl is about to be born but, first she must journey through the 'landscape of the feminine’, awakening and embodying powerful feminine archetypes before the final passage of birth is revealed. WAKE is a dance experience in which you must match the moves of a goddess in order to unlock your inner potential and move forward in the experience. This is a fully volumetric experience that utilises photogrammetry, gaming engines, 360 video and holographic humans (8i) and will be released on the HTC Vive and Oculus. WAKE is currently under development with NZFC and seeking further funding. Contact


Virtually step inside Ngāti Awa’s Mātaatua Wharenui and experience the mana of ancient Māori myths and legends as they come to life. This experience will be a mix of volumetric, 360 and animation, and will work cross platform, from mobile to advanced headsets. Mātaatua is currently under development with NZFC and seeking further funding. Contact

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Discover the most incredible place on earth. Swim under the ice with a whale or hang out with a thousand penguins. Explore historic huts and experience a snow storm. This is Virtual Antartica, one step off the edge of the world. This project is currently under development and seeking funding. Contact


* Image by Apolla Echino