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A girl is about to be born but, first she must journey through the 'landscape of the feminine’, awakening and embodying powerful feminine archetypes before the final passage of birth is revealed.

WAKE is a dance experience in which you must match the moves of a goddess in order to unlock your inner potential and move forward in the experience. 

This is a fully volumetric experience that utilises photogrammetry, gaming engines, 360 video and holographic humans (8i) and will be released on the HTC Vive and Oculus.

WAKE is currently under development with NZFC and seeking further funding. Contact


Virtually step inside Ngāti Awa’s Mātaatua Wharenui and experience the mana of ancient Māori myths and legends as they come to life.

This experience will be a mix of volumetric, 360 and animation, and will work cross platform, from mobile to advanced headsets. 

Mātaatua is currently under development with NZFC and seeking further funding. Contact

Image by Apolla Echino

Image by Apolla Echino

Antartica Virtual Experience

Discover the most incredible place on earth. Swim under the ice with a whale or hang out with a thousand penguins. Explore historic huts and experience a snow storm. This is Virtual Antartica, one step off the edge of the world.

This project is currently under development and seeking funding. Contact

New zealand symphony orchestra

Experience what it's like to be in an orchestra! Transport yourself from the conductor to the trombone, or from violins to the audience. Hear the intricacies of what each location sounds like, with full 360 degree responsive sound.

This experience is a collaboration with Wrestler and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and will launch in June 2017 for use on mobile such as cardboard through to advanced headsets such as Oculus and HTC Vive.




Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS interactive virtual reality experience set on an Otago high country farm. In collaboration with Raydar Agency. Released at field days in Hamilton June 2017.