WREDA - why wellington; it's personal


WREDA wanted to buck the ‘pretty, airbrushed tourism advertising’ trend by embracing Wellington’s unique style and attitude. They expressed a need to differentiate Wellington by showing a powerful emotional narrative at the heart of the campaign; demonstrating a creative edge, wild energy, brave people and a collaborative culture (avoiding the expected craft beer and coffee). 

Wrestler created a multi-platform, tiered video campaign with an exceptional level of authenticity and emotional connection. It was designed to appeal to socially-conscious individuals in the creative, screen and tech industries; both in NZ, and abroad.

The first step on this journey is the Hero Video.


Wellington Stories

After our target audience had watched the hero Video, we used sequential retargeting to identify who had watched it and then served them a second course of Wellington stories, this time slightly more rational than emotive. A series of six short interviews with passionate Wellingtonians.




To continue our messaging and reinforce the Hero video, we also followed up with a series of vignettes. This time taking the footage from the hero video and re-cutting it with voice overs from other influential and passionate Wellingtonians.